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Matrix Biol. 2001 Jul;20(4):243-50.

On (GGLGY) synthetic repeating sequences of lamprin and analogous sequences.

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Department of Chemistry, Università della Basilicata, Via N. Sauro 85, 85100, Potenza, Italy.


The repetitive sequence GGLGY was found in lamprin, the most important matrix protein of lamprey annular cartilage by Keeley and co-workers. Similar sequences appear also in other proteins, i.e. elastin, spidroin, spider minor ampullate silk proteins, in matrix proteins of the chorion or egg shell membrane of insects and others. We synthesized (GGLGY)n, n=1, 2, 6, because the sequence is repeated six times in the aggregated protein. The peptides were studied both in solution and in the solid state. Because the CD spectra were dominated by aromatic contribution, we synthesized GGLGF and GGLGA in order to carefully interpret the CD spectra. The conformational analysis suggests that all synthetic peptides do adopt the same secondary structure. In solution the peptides present a flexible conformation with a significant amount of PPII structure. In the solid state PPII, beta-pleated-sheets and beta-turns possibly co-exist.

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