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Vaccine. 2001 Jul 20;19(30):4219-25.

Therapeutic efficacy of hepatitis B surface antigen-antibodies-recombinant DNA composite in HBsAg transgenic mice.

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Department of Microbiology, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China.


Therapeutic efficacy of HBsAg-anti-HBs-recombinant DNA harboring hepatitis B virus (HBV) S gene complex was compared with three other therapeutic vaccine candidates (recombinant HBsAg, HBsAg complexed to anti-HBs antibodies and naked plasmid DNA encoding the HBV S gene). After four injections at 3-week intervals, the most pronounced decrease of serum HBsAg, the highest titer of anti-HBs response, the highest level of interferon-gamma produced by splenocytes and potent cytotoxicity T cell response were observed in the HBsAg-anti HBs-sDNA immunized group. Reduced expression of HBsAg in hepatocytes was also shown. The therapeutic mechanism of HBsAg-anti-HBs-DNA was speculated as modulation of HBsAg presentation via both endogenous and exogenous pathways.

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