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Surgery. 1975 Jun;77(6):825-32.

Bilateral adrenalectomy for advanced breast cancer: a 21 year experience.


Of 680 patients who had bilateral adrenalectomies for metastatic breast cancer, 583 were evaluable. Two hundred and nine patients (36 percent) responded (180 objective, 29 subjective responders) for at least 6 months. Age, menstrual status, prior response to oophorectomy, disease-free interval, involved organ systems, and incidental splenectomy were correlated with adrenalectomy response. Patients aged 21 to 35 years did poorly (23 percent response rate), whereas 41 percent of patients aged 51 to 65 responded. Menstrual status appeared to have no effect upon whether or not a patient responded to adrenalectomy. Oophorectomy responders benefited from adrenalectomy 40 percent of the time and oophorectomy failures responded in 27 percent of the cases. Patients with a disease-free interval of zero to 2.5 years responded to adrenalectomy at a rate of 31 percent whereas patients with a free interval greater than 2.5 years responded at a rate of 50 percent. When a single visceral organ or any combination of bone and soft tissue was involved, the average response rate was 39 percent. However, when multiple visceral organs or a single visceral organ with any combination of bone or soft tissue was involved, the response rate dropped to 26 percent. Sixty-six patients had splenectomies at the time of adrenalectomy with a 44 percent response rate, whereas nonsplenectomized patients had a 35 percent response rate. The median survival rate of 209 adrenalectomy responders was 26 months; it was 10 months for 374 nonresponders. The 5 and 10 year survival rates for adrenalectomy responders were 18 and 7 percent, respectively, and zero percent for adrenalectomy nonresponders. The patients who received greatest benefit from adrenalectomy in this series were aged 51 to 65 years, had a disease-free interval greater than 2.5 years and had metastases limited to a single visceral organ or any combination of bone and soft tissues.

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