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Maturitas. 2001 Jul 25;39(1):43-55.

The influence of hormone replacement therapy on skin ageing: a pilot study.

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Department of Special and Environmental Dermatology, University of Vienna, General Hospital, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna, Austria.



We studied the effect of hormonal treatment on skin ageing in menopausal women.


Twenty-four patients (45-68 years; mean age, 54.9 years) without hormone treatment for at least 6 months were included. Patients were assigned to three therapy groups: 1, oestrogen only (Estraderm TTS 50) (n=6); 2, transdermal oestrogen and progesterone (Estraderm TTS 50 and 0.4 mg progesterone vaginal suppository) (n=7); and 3, oral oestrogen and progesterone (2 mg Progynova and 0.4 mg progesterone vaginal suppository) (n=8). One group without therapy was included as a control group (n=3). Treatment was continued for 6 months. Three patients, one from group 2 and two from group 3, discontinued therapy before the study endpoint. The following skin parameters were measured at monthly intervals during treatment: skin surface lipids, epidermal skin hydration, skin elasticity and skin thickness. Concomitant clinical evaluation included a subjective clinical evaluation form, a patient questionnaire and laboratory tests for oestradiol, progesterone and follicle stimulating hormone.


Mean levels of epidermal skin moisture, elasticity and skin thickness were improved at the end of treatment based on both subjective and objective evaluation in patients with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Skin surface lipids were increased during combined HRT, which may reflect stimulatory effects of the progestagen component on sebaceous gland activity, while oestrogen alone has a sebum-suppressive action. In the HRT groups, the questionnaire for climacteric complaints demonstrated significant improvements, while laboratory tests showed increases in oestradiol and progesterone and decreases in FSH.


HRT with the mentioned regimes significantly improved parameters of skin ageing.

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