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Plant Sci. 2001 Mar;160(4):577-583.

Isolation and analysis of expression mechanisms of a rice gene, EL5, which shows structural similarity to ATL family from Arabidopsis, in response to N-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor.

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Institute of Applied Biochemistry, University of Tsukuba, 305-8072, Tsukuba, Japan


Two rice cDNAs, EL5 and RRF1, were isolated and characterized. EL5 was responsive to N-acetylchitooligosaccharide, a biotic elicitor active in suspension-cultured rice cells. The structural specificity of the elicitor required for the expression of EL5 was consistent with other defense reactions observed in the experimental system, indicating that the elicitor signal to EL5 is transmitted through a single class of receptor-mediated recognition events. However, the intracellular signaling pathway to EL5 was distinct from those to other elicitor-responsive genes. Sequence analysis and alignment showed that a genomic sequence stored in rice genome databases in addition to EL5 and RRF1 belongs to the ATL family of RING-H2 finger motif proteins first isolated from Arabidopsis.

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