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A single blind comparison of amisulpride, fluoxetine and clomipramine in the treatment of restricting anorectics.

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Department of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Milan, Italy.


1. The study evaluated the efficacy of amisulpride, fluoxetine and clomipramine at the beginning of the re-feeding phase of the treatment of restricting anorexia nervosa according to DSM-IV criteria. 2. 13 patients, mean weight 37.61 kg +/- 9.80 SD, were treated with clomipramine at a mean dosage of 57.69 mg +/- 25.79 SD; 10 patients, mean weight 40.90 kg +/- 6.98 SD, were treated with fluoxetine at a mean dosage of 28.00 mg +/- 10.32 SD; 12 patients, mean weight 38.41 kg +/- 8.33 SD, were treated with amisulpride at a mean dosage of 50.00 mg +/- 0.00 SD. 3. Clinical evaluation was carried out under single-blind condition at basal time and after three months by a structured clinical interview, the Eating Disorder Interview based on Long Interval Follow-up Evaluation (LIFE II BEI). 4. Patients treated with amisulpride showed a more significant increase (p=0.016) of mean weight. Concerning weight phobia, body image disturbance and amenorrhoea, no significant difference resulted.

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