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Eur J Biochem. 1979 Aug 15;99(1):89-96.

Flavanone synthase from Petroselinum hortense. Molecular weight, subunit composition, size of messenger RNA, and absence of pantetheinyl residue.


Flavanone synthase from irradiated cell suspension cultures of parsley was purified to apparent homogeneity. Molecular weights of about 77 000 for the enzyme and about 42 000 for the subunits were determined respectively by sedimentation-equilibrium measurements and disc-gel electrophoresis in the presence of dodecyl sulfate. A specific antiserum was prepared for the enzyme and was used in an assay for flavanone synthase mRNA activity in partially purified RNA preparations. The apparent molecular size of flavanone synthase mRNA was estimated by sucrose gradient centrifugation and gel electrophoresis under partially denaturing conditions. Values of about 17 S and Mr = 0.62 X 10(6) were obtained. The fractionation patterns suggested that flavanone synthase mRNA was homogeneous in size. All together, the results support the idea that the enzyme is composed of two subunits which are probably identical. Amino acid analysis and a microbial assay were carried out to test the possible occurrence of cysteamine, beta-alanine, and pantothenate in the enzyme. The results were negative, indicating the absence of pantetheine or a similar residue. The possible similarity in mechanism between flavanone synthase and 3-oxoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) synthase is discussed.

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