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Effect of low-dose aspirin in combination with stable fish oil on whole blood production of eicosanoids.

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Department of Surgery, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.


The effect of a combination of aspirin and fish oil on eicosanoids was studied. Four subjects were given 37.5 mg aspirin orally, and 6 weeks later they received a natural, stable fish oil daily for 1 week before taking the same single dose of aspirin. Blood samples for determination of whole blood production of eicosanoids were taken before and after each experimental period. Serum thromboxane A(2)was decreased by 40% (P<0.05) after aspirin alone, but by 62% (P<0.01) after fish oil + aspirin. Serum prostacyclin (measured as 6-keto PGF(1a)) was decreased by aspirin in both cases. The sum of 6-keto PGF(1a)and its equipotent fish oil-derived analogue Delta(17)-6-keto PGF(1a)was reduced after aspirin intake (55%, NS), but after fish oil + aspirin the reduction was smaller (33%, NS). Leukotriene B(4)was increased by 19% (P<0.05) after aspirin, and decreased by 69% (P<0.05) after fish oil + aspirin. A combination of stable fish oil and aspirin thus improves the eicosanoid pattern more than aspirin alone.

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