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Anal Biochem. 2001 Jul 1;294(1):55-62.

Simultaneous detection of multiple cytokines from conditioned media and patient's sera by an antibody-based protein array system.

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Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emory University School of Medicine, 1639 Pierce Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30322, USA.


We have developed a novel technique for high-throughput simultaneous screening of multiple cytokine expression based on a protein array system. Our method has the advantage of showing the specificity of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, sensitivity of enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL), and high-throughput of microspot. In this system, the cytokine array membranes were created by spotting capture antibodies onto the membranes. The membranes were then incubated with biological samples such as conditioned media and patient's sera. The bound proteins were then recognized by biotin-conjugated antibodies and detected by horseradish peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin coupled with ECL. Experiments demonstrated that 24 cytokines from conditioned media and patient's sera could be simultaneously detected using this new approach. This methodology should allow us to develop many high-density protein array systems to detect a variety of proteins. To validate and quantitate the expression of key molecules in a wide range of samples, we have developed conditioned medium arrays to evaluate hundreds and even thousands of samples from individual cells and patients in a single microarray. The combinations of protein arrays and conditioned medium arrays or serum arrays will provide a powerful tool to identify the protein expression profiles and rapidly validate their expression in many types and numbers of samples.

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