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Genomics. 2001 Mar 15;72(3):285-96.

Myosin-VIIb, a novel unconventional myosin, is a constituent of microvilli in transporting epithelia.

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Department of Neurology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA.


Mouse myosin-VIIb, a novel unconventional myosin, was cloned from the inner ear and kidney. The human myosin-VIIb (HGMW-approved symbol MYO7B) sequence and exon structure were then deduced from a human BAC clone. The mouse gene was mapped to chromosome 18, approximately 0.5 cM proximal to D18Mit12. The human gene location at 2q21.1 was deduced from the map location of the BAC and confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Myosin-VIIb has a conserved myosin head domain, five IQ domains, two MyTH4 domains coupled to two FERM domains, and an SH3 domain. A phylogenetic analysis based on the MyTH4 domains suggests that the coupled MyTH and FERM domains were duplicated in myosin evolution before separation into different classes. Myosin-VIIb is expressed primarily in kidney and intestine, as shown by Northern and immunoblot analyses. An antibody to myosin-VIIb labeled proximal tubule cells of the kidney and enterocytes of the intestine, specifically the distal tips of apical microvilli on these transporting epithelial cells.

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