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J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2001 Jun;37(6):734-41.

CGP 41251, a new potential anticancer drug, improves contractility of rat isolated cardiac muscle subjected to hypoxia.

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Department of Pharmacology, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland.


The aim of the present work was to examine the effects of 4'-N-benzoyl staurosporine (CGP 41251), a protein kinase C inhibitor with broad antiproliferative activity in many cell lines, on the rat isolated heart contractility under normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Additionally, we examined the effects of CGP 41251, WB-4101 (alpha1a -adrenoceptor antagonist), chloroethylclonidine (CEC) (alpha1b-adrenoceptor antagonist) and selective damage of endocardial endothelium by Triton X-100 on the protection against hypoxia induced by preconditioning of rat heart tissue. Experiments were performed on rat isolated left ventricular papillary muscle. The following parameters were measured: force of contraction (Fc), velocity of contraction (+dF/dt) and velocity of relaxation (-dF/dt). The temperature of the bath solution was 37 degrees C +/- 0.5 degrees C, and rate of electrical stimulation was 0.5 Hz. At concentrations less than 1 microM CGP 41251 did not cause any changes in contractility of rat heart. At 1 and 3 microM, significant positive inotropic action was observed. Treatment of rat papillary muscle by CGP 41251 at 3 microM reduced decreasing of contractility by simulated hypoxia and reperfusion. Moreover, protective effects of preconditioning was not affected by addition of CGP 41251 neither at 1 nor at 3 microM. Pretreatment with CEC at 3 microM, and selective damage of endocardial endothelium induced by fast (1-s) immersion of papillary muscle in 0.5% Triton X-100, but not pretreatment with WB-4101, abolished the protective effects of preconditioning. The results imply that CGP 41251 improves contractility of heart muscle under normoxic and hypoxic conditions, and does not alter hypoxic preconditioning in rat isolated cardiac tissue. Moreover, it was shown that alpha1b-adrenoceptors and endocardial endothelium are involved in triggering of preconditioning in rat isolated heart muscle.

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