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Fiziol Zh. 2001;47(2):41-5.

[The effect of iron and zinc on lead absorption in the tunica mucosa of various parts of rat small intestine ].

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Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Krivoy Pog.


Kuring experiments on turned out sacs models of duodenum, jejunum and ileum of rats the differences in levels of exogenous Pb2+ absorption were revealed. The most values were in tunica mucosa (TM) of duodenum and jejunum. Pb2+ absorption was influenced by previous exposure to trace elements (TE) of Fe2+ (0.79 mmole/100 g) and Zn2+ (0.36 mmole/100 g) having been inducted to stomach. TE due to their physical and chemical properties reduced Pb2+ absorption in different parts of intestine TM on the average by 14-49%. It was determined that TE prevented Pb2+ absorption in TM of intestine more effectively during combined introduction compared to isolated one (accordingly 42% in duodenum, 43% in ileum and 29% in jejunum). Reducing Pb+ absorption is explained by probable substrates competition for active centers of their binding and transfer to TM to intestine.

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