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Leuk Lymphoma. 2001 May;41(5-6):643-54.

Regulation of the expression of CD45 isoforms in the Farage human B cell lymphoma line and its 10.6.1 subline.

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The Hubert H. Humphrey Center for Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem 92110, Israel.


Different B-cell neoplasias vary in the expression of CD45 isoforms. In the present study two sublines of a human B cell lymphoma- the original Farage line (Farage OL) and the Farage 10.6.1 subline were used to analyze the regulation of the expression of CD45 cell surface determinants. Cells of the Farage OL line constitutively expressed both CD45RO and CD45RA determinants on their cell surface. In contrast, the majority of the cells of the Farage 10.6.1 subline expressed CD45RA, and only few cells were CD45RO+. The low molecular spliced CD45 mRNA, characteristic for CD45RO was found in Farage OL cells, but was almost undetectable in Farage 10.6.1 cells. Following exposure to interleukin-4 (IL-4) a large proportion of the Farage 10.6.1 cells expressed CD45RO while in Farage OL cells the proportion of CD45RO+ was slightly reduced. The low molecular, spliced mRNA characteristic for CD45RO, was increased in Farage 10.6.1 cells following IL4 stimulation, but was slightly reduced in Farage OL cells. The molecular weight of CD45RA molecules produced by Farage cells varied from 185 kDa to 220 kDa while that of CD45RO molecules was 175 kDa. Preliminary attempts were made to determine a possible correlation between the expression of CD45RO and apoptosis in Farage cells. In both the Farage OL and Farage 10.6.1 cells the proportion of Bcl-2+ cells was lower among CD45RO+ cells than among CD45RO- cells. The present study indicates that IL4 has different effects on the alternative splicing of CD45 mRNA in two closely related B cell lymphoma lines. Thus, factors produced by the B lymphoma cells themselves may endow the cells with different patterns of responsiveness to a single stimulatory agent.

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