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Gene. 2001 May 2;268(1-2):67-75.

The characterization of prepro-insulin-like growth factor-1 Ea-2 expression and insulin-like growth factor-1 genes (devoid 81 bp) in the zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Author information

Graduate Institute of Life Sciences, National Defense Medical Center, 114, Taipei, Taiwan.


In this study, we cloned zebrafish (Danio rerio) IGF-1 cDNA and gene from zebrafish brain cDNA library and adult zebrafish genomic library, respectively. Based on two cDNAs sequence with different length of 5'- and 3'-untranslated region (5UTR and 3UTR) and one nucleotide difference at glutamine (A9, CAG) of A domain represented at IGF-1 sequence. One of zebrafish IGF-1 genes named as IGF-1a gene. The zebrafish IGF-1a gene spanned approximately 15 kb and is divided into five exons. The results of IGF-1 cDNA and genomic Southern blotting, all indicated that the zebrafish have more than one IGF-1 gene. The genomic organization of zebrafish IGF-1a gene in an exon is devoid of 81 bp segment which is located at 3' end of exon 3 encoded 27 amino acid of E domain. The segment of 27 amino acid exists in known teleost IGF-1 genes but is absent in zebrafish IGF-1 gene. The E domain of zebrafish IGF-1 Ea-2 is encoded by 3' end of exon 3 (16 amino acid), full of exon 4 (12 amino acid) and exon 5 (19 amino acid). The sequence data revealed the zebrafish IGF-1a gene encoded IGF-1a Ea-2 mRNA. In combination RT-PCR with Southern blotting, zebrafish IGF-1 genes abundantly expressed IGF-1 Ea-2 mRNA in all tested adult tissues and developmental stages of embryo. The IGF-1 Ea-2 mRNA was first detected during embryo development from blastula stage to hatching, during yolk absorption and at feeding. All these findings suggest that the expression of pro-IGF-1 Ea-2 is not controlled by alternative splicing but alternative gene usage in the zebrafish.

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