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Life Sci. 2001 Apr 6;68(19-20):2259-67.

Regulation of subcellular localization of alpha1-adrenoceptor subtypes.

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Department of Molecular, Cell Pharmacology, National Children's Medical Research Center, Tokyo, Japan.


Alpha1-adrenergic receptors (AR) are members of the superfamily of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) which mediate the effects of the sympathetic nervous system. Alpha1-AR comprise a heterogeneous family of three distinct isoforms of alpha1A, alpha1B and alpha1D; however, very little is known about their difference in physiological role or regulation. We have recently observed a subtype-specific differences in subcellular localization of alpha1-ARs; thus, alpha1A-AR predominantly localize intracellularly, while alpha1B-AR on the cell surface. To examine the molecular mechanism for the subtype-specific differences in subcellular localization, we conducted a search for novel proteins that interact with the alpha1B-AR, specifically focusing on the carboxyl-terminal cytoplasmic domain. Using interaction cloning and biochemical techniques, we demonstrate that gC1q-R interacts with alpha1B-AR in vitro and in vivo through the specific site, and that in cells which co-express alpha1B-AR and gC1q-R, the subcellular localization of alpha1B-AR is markedly altered and its expression is down-regulated. These results suggest that gC1q-R plays a role in the regulation of the subcellular localization as well as the function of alpha1B-ARs.

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