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J Biol Chem. 2001 Jul 13;276(28):26648-55. Epub 2001 May 16.

SHP-1 requires inhibitory co-receptors to down-modulate B cell antigen receptor-mediated phosphorylation of cellular substrates.

Author information

  • 1Department of Immunology, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo 113-8510, Japan.


Signaling through the B cell antigen receptor (BCR) is negatively regulated by the SH2 domain-containing protein-tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1, which requires association with tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins for activation. Upon BCR ligation, SHP-1 has been shown to associate with the BCR, the cytoplasmic protein-tyrosine kinases Lyn and Syk, and the inhibitory co-receptors CD22 and CD72. How SHP-1 is activated by BCR ligation and regulates BCR signaling is, however, not fully understood. Here we demonstrate that, in the BCR-expressing myeloma line J558L mu 3, CD72 expression reduces the BCR ligation-induced phosphorylation of the BCR component Ig alpha/Ig beta and its cytoplasmic effectors Syk and SLP-65. Substrate phosphorylation was restored by expression of dominant negative mutants of SHP-1, whereas the SHP-1 mutants failed to enhance phosphorylation of the cellular substrates in the absence of CD72. This indicates that SHP-1 is efficiently activated by CD72 but not by other pathways in J558L mu m3 cells and that inhibition of SHP-1 specifically activated by CD72 reverses CD72-induced dephosphorylation of cellular substrates in these cells. Taken together, BCR-induced SHP-1 activation is likely to require inhibitory co-receptors such as CD72, and SHP-1 appears to mediate the negative regulatory effect of CD72 on BCR signaling by dephosphorylating Ig alpha/Ig beta and its downstream signaling molecules Syk and SLP-65.

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