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J Comb Chem. 2001 May-Jun;3(3):312-8.

An alkylsilyl-tethered, high-capacity solid support amenable to diversity-oriented synthesis for one-bead, one-stock solution chemical genetics.

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Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB), Harvard Medical School, 250 Longwood Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA.


The synthesis and use of an alkylsilyl-tethered large (500-600 microm) polystyrene resin (1) are disclosed. An optimized Suzuki coupling of bromine-functionalized polystyrene and a silicon-functionalized alkylborane generates the silicon-substituted polystyrene 1 in large scale (>100 g). Resin loading is accomplished by activation as the silyl triflate, which can accommodate even sterically encumbered secondary alcohols and phenols. Treatment with HF/pyridine for linker cleavage is mild, efficient, and amenable to an automated, large-scale distribution system. This platform delivers, minimally, 50 nmol of each small molecule derived from a diversity-oriented, split-pool synthesis on a per bead basis for use in both forward and reverse chemical genetic assays. This technology satisfies many requirements of a one bead-one stock solution approach to chemical genetics.

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