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Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001 May 5;1547(1):37-50.

Mutagenesis of amino acid residues in the SHV-1 beta-lactamase: the premier role of Gly238Ser in penicillin and cephalosporin resistance.

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Research Service, Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center, OH 44106, USA.


The recent availability of the SHV-1 beta-lactamase crystal structure provides a framework for the understanding of the functional role of amino acid residues in this enzyme. To that end, we have constructed by site-directed mutagenesis 18 variants of the SHV beta-lactamase: an extended spectrum group: Gly238Ser, Gly238Ser-Glu240Lys, Asp104Lys-Gly238Ser, Asp104Lys-Thr235Ser-Gly238Ser, Asp179Asn, Arg164His, and Arg164Ser; an inhibitor resistant group: Arg244Ser, Met69Ile, Met69Leu, and Ser130Gly; mutants that are synergistic with those that confer resistance to oxyimino-cephalosporins: Asp104Glu, Asp104Lys, Glu240Lys, and Glu240Gln; and structurally conserved mutants: Thr235Ser, Thr235Ala and Glu166Ala. Among the extended spectrum group the combination of high-level ampicillin and cephalosporin resistance was demonstrated in the Escherichia coli DH10B strains possessing the Gly238Ser mutation: Gly238Ser, Gly238Ser-Glu240Lys, Asp104Lys-Gly238Ser, and Asp104Lys-Thr235Ser-Gly238Ser. Of the inhibitor resistant group, the Ser130Gly mutant was the most resistant to ampicillin/clavulanate. Using a polyclonal anti-SHV antibody, we assayed steady state protein expression levels of the SHV beta-lactamase variants. Mutants with the Gly238Ser substitution were among the most highly expressed. The Gly238Ser substitution resulted in an improved relative k(cat)/K(m) value for cephaloridine and oxyimino-cephalosporins compared to SHV-1 and Met69Ile. In our comparative survey, the Gly238Ser and extended spectrum beta-lactamase variants containing this substitution exhibited the greatest substrate versatility against penicillins and cephalosporins and greatest protein expression. This defines a unique role of Gly238Ser in broad-spectrum beta-lactam resistance in this family of class A beta-lactamases.

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