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J Neurogenet. 2000 Dec;14(4):193-205.

Isolation of larval behavioral mutants in Drosophila melanogaster.

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Department of Zoology, University of Toronto, Erindale Campus, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6, Canada.


Genetic loci that influence behavior are often difficult to identify and localize in part due to the quantitative nature of behavioral phenotypes. Previous studies had found an association between pupal lethality and altered larval behavior for mutants of several genes. To facilitate the identification and localization of new mutants that influence larval foraging (movement in the presence of food) and general locomotion (movement in the absence of food) behaviors we identified and then screened a collection of strains carrying pupal-lethal mutations for alterations in these larval behaviors. When the lethal mutation segregated with the behavioral alteration this permitted the mapping of the behavioral locus. Nine new loci on the second chromosome were found to affect larval behavior. Of these, seven loci affected foraging and two affected locomotion. Analyses of these new loci will lead to further understanding of the mechanistic bases of larval behavior.

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