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Plant Sci. 2001 May;160(6):1107-1114.

Characterization of two Arabidopsis thaliana fructokinases.

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Dipartimento di Biologia delle Piante Agrarie, Via Mariscoglio 34, 56124, Pisa, Italy


Two different fructokinase isoforms of Arabidopsis thaliana have been identified and characterized by non-denaturing electrophoresis followed by activity-staining. The two fructokinases, fructokinase1 (FRK1) and fructokinase2 (FRK2), showed a high specificity for fructose and did not stain when glucose or mannose were used as substrate. Fructose and ATP at high concentrations (above 5 mM) induced a substrate inhibition of the two enzymatic activities. Arabidopsis FRK1 and FRK2 were capable of employing GTP, CTP, UTP and TTP as phosphate donors, although with a significantly lower efficiency than ATP. The two fructokinase activities were also activated by K(+), at around 10-20 mM, and inhibited by ADP and AMP at concentrations above 10 mM. Finally, FRK1 and FRK2 showed a different expression pattern in the plant, with FRK1 being more abundant in the roots and FRK2 in the shoots. The results demonstrate a simple technique that provides important information about fructokinase activities in the plants and which can be useful for the analysis of Arabidopsis mutants.

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