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FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2001 Apr;30(3):203-8.

Flagellin expressed by live Salmonella vaccine strains induces distinct antibody responses following delivery via systemic or mucosal immunization routes.

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Divisào de Desenvolvimento Cientifico, Instituto Butantan, Avenida Vital Brasil 1500, 05503-900 Sào Paulo, Brazil.


Salmonella flagellin, expressed as flagella in live attenuated vaccine strains, elicits distinct systemic (IgG) and secreted (IgA) antibody responses in mice following delivery via mucosal (nasal/oral) or parenteral (intraperitoneal (i.p.)) immunization routes. Reduced flagellin-specific antibodies were detected either systemically or locally following delivery of flagellated derivatives of aroA Salmonella enterica serovar Dublin SL1438 via the nasal route, the most effective mucosal site for activation of immune responses in mice. In contrast, flagellin represents the most potent Salmonella antigen for the generation of specific serum antibody (IgG) responses following i.p. inoculations. The distinct immunogenic properties of Salmonella flagellin could not be ascribed to deficient colonization, reduced invasive ability or loss of the flagellin expression by the flagellated vaccine strains.

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