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Int J Dev Biol. 2001 Apr;45(2):449-52.

Zebrafish keratin 8 is expressed at high levels in the epidermis of regenerating caudal fin.

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UMR 7631 CNRS - Université Paris VI, France.


Cytokeratins are structural proteins of the intermediate filament family and are mainly expressed in epithelial cells. In several vertebrates it has been shown that keratin 8 is expressed in simple epithelial tissues, some non-epithelial tissue and in hyper-proliferative tissues during development and tumor transformation. We previously cloned and characterised the zebrafish (Danio rerio) homologous cytokeratin 8 cDNA (zfk8) which was described as an epidermal marker during zebrafish development. It has been found that the zfk8 gene is normally expressed in simple epithelia in embryonic and mature zebrafish. Using whole-mount in situ hybridisation, we show in this report that expression of zfk8 is tightly linked to the regeneration of caudal fin and exclusively observed in epidermal cells. It is strongly expressed in the epidermis overlaying the inter-rays zone of regenerating caudal fin. Our results indicate that in zebrafish, cytokeratin 8 is a suitable epidermal marker during regeneration.

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