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Microbios. 2001;104(409):177-85.

Polyamines of the thermophilic eubacteria belonging to the genera Thermosipho, Thermaerobacter and Caldicellulosiruptor.

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Gunma University School of Health Sciences, Maebashi, Japan.


Cellular polyamines of four new thermophiles located in three early branched eubacterial clades, were investigated for the chemotaxonomic significance of polyamine distribution profiles. The thermophilic anaerobic Thermosipho japonicus, belonging to the order Thermotogales, contained norspermidine, norspermine and thermospermine in addition to spermidine and spermine. The polyamine profile was identical to the polyamine composition of Thermotoga, Fervidobacterium and Petrotoga species of the order. Spermidine, norspermidine, spermine, N4-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine and agmatine were found in thermophilic aerobic Thermaerobacter marianensis. Some differences were observed in the polyamine compositions of the phylogenetically related thermophilic anaerobes, Moorella, Dictyoglomus, Thermoanaerobacterium and Thermoanaerobacter species. Thermophilic anaerobic Caldicellulosiruptor kristianssonii and Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis contained a linear penta-amine, thermopentamine, and two quaternary branched penta-amines, N4-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine and N4-bis(aminopropyl)norspermidine, as the major polyamines. A novel tertiary branched penta-amine, N4-aminopropylspermine, was found in the two Caldicellulosiruptor species.

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