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Vision Res. 2001;41(10-11):1261-75.

High-resolution spatio-temporal mapping of visual pathways using multi-electrode arrays.

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Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah, 20 South 2030 East, Room 506, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA.


The parallel processing of visual information was studied with penetrating microelectrode arrays. We studied the high-resolution visuotopic organization of cat primary visual cortex, and the encoding of simple visual stimuli by ensembles of ganglion cells in the isolated turtle retina. The high-resolution visuotopic organization of visual cortex is non-conformal. Regions of visual cortex separated by 400 mu may have receptive field centers that are separated by as much as 3 degrees, or they may superimpose. Ganglion cells are 'generalists', and are poor specifiers of the color of full field visual stimuli. Groups of 'luminosity' type ganglion cells can assist in the specification of stimulus color, but even individual 'chromatic' ganglion cells are not capable of quality color specification. These basic studies have relevance to the development of visual neuroprostheses based upon electrical stimulation of the retina and cortex.

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