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Chromosome Res. 2001;9(2):137-46.

Chromosome healing by addition of telomeric repeats in wheat occurs during the first mitotic divisions of the sporophyte and is a gradual process.

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Wheat Genetics Resource Center, Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University, Manhattan 66506-5502, USA.


Alien gametocidal chromosomes cause extensive chromosome breakage prior to S-phase in the first mitotic division of gametophytes lacking the alien chromosome. The broken chromosomes may be healed either by addition of telomeric repeats in the gametophyte or undergo fusions to form dicentric or translocation chromosomes. We show that dicentric chromosomes undergo breakage fusion-bridge (BFB) cycles in the first few mitotic divisions of the sporophyte, are partially healed before the germ line differentiation regimen, and are healed completely in the ensuing gametophytic stage. The gametocidal factor on chromosome 4Mg of Aegilops geniculata was used to induce dicentrics involving the satellite chromosomes1B and 6B of wheat, Triticum aestivum. The dicentrics 1BS x 1BL-2AL x 2AS and 6BS x 6BL-4BL x 4BS initiated BFB cycles that ceased 2 to 4 weeks after seed germination. At the end of the BFB cycles, we observed deficient 1B and 6B chromosomes with breakpoints in proximal regions of the 1BL and 6BL arms. The process of chromosome healing was analyzed in root tip meristems, at meiotic metaphase I, and in the derived progenies by fluorescence in-situ hybridization analysis using a telomeric probe pAtT4. The results show that chromosome healing in wheat occurs during very early mitotic divisions in the sporophyte by de-novo addition of telomeric repeats and is a gradual process. Broken chromosome ends have to pass through several cell divisions in the sporophyte to acquire the full telomeric repeat length.

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