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Cancer Res. 2001 Apr 1;61(7):2870-7.

Cloning and characterization of CLLD6, CLLD7, and CLLD8, novel candidate genes for leukemogenesis at chromosome 13q14, a region commonly deleted in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Author information

Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, USA.


Chromosome 13q14 deletions constitute the most common structural aberration in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL). We constructed a high-resolution physical map covering the critical deleted region in B-CLL at 13q14 and flanking sequences. The order and position of both genomic markers and known genes were determined precisely. Three novel genes, CLLD6, CLLD7, and CLLD8, were isolated and characterized. The predicted protein sequence of CLLD6 revealed no homology with known proteins. However, both CLLD7 and CLLD8 predicted proteins contain known functional domains. CLLD7 has both an RCC1 and a BTB domain, and could thus be involved in cell cycle regulation by chromatin remodeling. CLLD8 contains a methyl-CpG binding, a preSET and a SET domain, suggesting that CLLD8 might be associated with methylation-mediated transcriptional repression. Mutation analysis of hematopoietic tumor cell lines and B-CLL tumor samples revealed no point mutations within the coding region of these three novel genes. The functional domains present within CLLD7 and CLLD8 suggest that the proteins may be involved in critical cellular processes such as cell cycle and transcriptional control and could therefore be directly or indirectly involved in leukemogenesis.

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