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J Dent. 2001 Mar;29(3):163-71.

Influence of Carisolv for resin adhesion to sound human primary dentin and young permanent dentin.

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Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Nagasaki University School of Dentistry, 1-7-1, Sakamoto, 852-8588, Nagasaki, Japan.



This study evaluated the influence of Carisolv (Medi Team) for resin adhesion to sound human primary and young permanent dentin.


The buccal surfaces of 64 primary molars and 74 premolars were used. Two adhesive systems and resin composites were used; SD: Super-Bond D Liner DUAL (Sun Medical) and Clearfil Photo Anterior(Kuraray), and FB: Imperva Fluorobond and Lite-Fil IIA (Shofu). Ten groups were prepared. Groups 1-5 were primary dentin and Groups 6-10 were permanent dentin. Groups 1 and 6: Carisolv applied and agitated for 3min, SD was used. Groups 2 and 7: etched with 10-3 solution (Sun Medical) for 10s, SD was used. Groups 3 and 8: treated with Carisolv and then etched, SD was used. Groups 4 and 9: treated with Carisolv, FB was used. Groups 5 and 10: FB was used. The microstructural effects of Carisolv, 10-3 solution and Carisolv plus 10-3 solution applied to dentin were evaluated by SEM. In addition, the microstructure of the resin-dentin interfaces of each group were studied using SEM. Shear bond strengths (SBS) were tested, and the failed surfaces were observed using SEM. Data was statistically analyzed using ANOVA with subsequent application of post hoc Duncan's new multiple range test at p<0.05.


The effect of Carisolv on primary dentin was stronger than that to permanent dentin. The mean SBS (unit:MPa) of Groups 1-10 were: 5.6, 15.8, 7.6, 17.5, 13.5, 8.1, 16.2, 18.2, 31.4 and 15.5. The SBS of Group 9 (Carisolv treated permanent dentin) was significantly higher than those of other groups. There was no significant difference of SBS among Groups 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10, Groups 3, 5 and 6, and Groups 1, 3 and 6.


Carisolv treatment before etching significantly decreased the SBS to primary dentin in SD groups, but significantly increased the SBS to permanent dentin in FB groups.

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