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Inorg Chem. 2001 Mar 12;40(6):1172-5.

Synthesis and characterization of non-centrosymmetric TeSeO4.

Author information

Department of Chemistry, University of Houston, Texas 77204-5641, USA.


The synthesis, crystal structure, and characterization of a non-centrosymmetric oxide, TeSeO4, are reported. The material was synthesized by combining TeO2 and SeO2 in a quartz tube and heating at 370 degrees C. TeSeO4 has a three-dimensional structure containing [SeO(3/2)](+) cations linked to [TeO(5/2)](-) anions. Both the Se(4+) and the Te(4+) atoms are in asymmetric environments owing to their nonbonded electron pair. The material is SHG active, with a SHG intensity of 400 times SiO(2). Crystal data: monoclinic, space group Ia (No. 9, cell choice 3), with a = 4.3568(8) A, b = 12.465(3) A, c = 6.7176(15) A, beta = 90.825(4) degrees, and Z = 4.

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