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J Diabetes Complications. 2001 Mar-Apr;15(2):97-102.

Acute biochemical variations induced by calcium citrate and calcium carbonate in Type 2 diabetic patients: impaired calcium absorption in Type 2 diabetic patients with prolonged gastric emptying time.

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Division of Endocrinology/Metabolism, Department of Medicine, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, No. 160, Section 3, Taichung-Kang Road, Taichung 407, Taiwan.


Calcium supplementation is important in the treatment of osteoporosis, a disease that may also occur in diabetic patients. The acute effects of calcium supplementation and their relationship to gastric emptying time, however, have rarely been studied in type 2 diabetic patients. We evaluated the acute biochemical variations induced by the administration of two different calcium preparations, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, in 16 (male/female: 13/3) Chinese diabetic patients. Serum free calcium, intact parathyroid hormone (i-PTH), and amount of urinary excretion of calcium (uCal/uCr) were evaluated after a single dose of 1200 mg of elemental calcium in each preparation. The free calcium levels did not change significantly in either group. However, significant suppression of i-PTH after calcium citrate administration at 1 h (17.1+/-2.0 pg/ml, P=.023), and after calcium carbonate administration at 2 h (14.2+/-2.5 pg/ml, P=.000), was noted when compared with individual basal level (21.2+/-2.5 and 19.3+/-2.4 pg/ml, respectively). The suppressive effect on i-PTH lasted for 6 h after calcium citrate and 5 h after calcium carbonate preparation of the 6-h study period. After administration of calcium citrate, the uCal/uCr of 2-to-4-h collection was significantly higher than that of the basal and 0-to-2-h collections: 0.25+/-0.04 vs. 0.19+/-0.03, P=.025; and 0.25+/-0.04 vs. 0.19+/-0.02, P=.014, respectively. A similar finding was observed for calcium carbonate: 0.23+/-0.03 vs. 0.18+/-0.02, P=.019; and 0.23+/-0.03 vs. 0.18+/-0.02, P=.011, respectively. We conclude that, in this group of Chinese type 2 diabetic patients in our study, the oral administration of 1200 mg elemental calcium in either calcium citrate or calcium carbonate preparation can induce a significant suppression of i-PTH. This may be helpful in preventing or treating osteoporosis. A prolonged gastric emptying time in these diabetic subjects may contribute to the non-significant alteration in free calcium levels after the administration of either calcium preparation.

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