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Med Mycol. 2001 Feb;39(1):109-16.

Identification and expression of multidrug resistance-related ABC transporter genes in Candida krusei.

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MCP Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19129, USA.


Infections with Candida krusei have increased in recent years as a consequence of its intrinsic resistance to fluconazole, an antifungal azole widely used in immunocompromised individuals to suppress infections due to azole-susceptible C. albicans. One established mechanism for azole resistance is drug efflux by ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters. Since these transporters recognize structurally diverse drugs, their overexpression can lead to multidrug resistance (MDR). To identify C. krusei genes potentially involved in azole resistance, PCR was performed with primers corresponding to conserved sequences of MDR-related ABC transporters from other fungi. Two genes, ABC1 and ABC2, were identified; Southern blots suggested that both have one or two related gene copies in the C. krusei genome. ABC1 RNA was constitutively expressed at low levels in log phase cells while ABC2 RNA was undetectable. However, both genes were upregulated as cultures approached stationary phase, and this upregulation was correlated with decreased susceptibility to the lethal activity of the azole derivative miconazole. Furthermore, ABC1 was upregulated following brief treatment of C. krusei with miconazole and clotrimazole (but not other azoles), and the unrelated compounds albendazole and cycloheximide. The latter two compounds antagonized fluconazole activity versus C. krusei, supporting a role for the ABC1 transporter in azole efflux. Finally, miconazole-resistant mutants selected in vitro demonstrated increased constitutive expression of ABC1. Based on these expression data, genetic and functional characterization of the ABC1 transporter to directly test its role in C. krusei azole resistance would appear to be warranted.

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