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Immunology. 1975 Mar;28(3):581-8.

Surface receptors on neutrophils and monocytes from immunodeficient and normal horses.


Surface receptors on peripheral blood neutrophils and monocytes from normal and immunodeficient horses have been studied. Sheep erythrocytes (SRBC) coated with IgG, IgM, and complement but not IgG(T), readily bound to normal equine monocytes and neutrophils. More than 4000 molecules of IgG were required to sensitize each SRBC for adherence to monocytes, and more than 12,000 molecules were required for adherence to neutrophils. Young horses with a severe combined immunodeficiency had an almost total absence of lymphocytes, but normal numbers of monocytes and neutrophils. The number of receptors for immunoglobulin, complement, and phytolectin on monocytes and neutrophils from immunodeficient animals were similar to those on the cells of normal horses. Although the precursor cells of lymphocytes of horses with combined immunodeficiency appear to be defective, no defect in the other cellular products of the bone marrow were apparent.

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