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Acta Cient Venez. 2000;51(3):143-9.

Acetylation and characterization of banana (Musa paradisiaca) starch.

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Instituto Tecnológico de Acapulco, Av. Instituto Tecnológico s/n crucero Cayaco-Puerto Marques, 39905 Acapulco, Guerrero, México.


Banana native starch was acetylated and some of its functional properties were evaluated and compared to corn starch. In general, acetylated banana starch presented higher values in ash, protein and fat than corn acetylated starch. The modified starches had minor tendency to retrogradation assessed as % transmittance of starch pastes. At high temperature acetylated starches presented a water retention capacity similar to their native counterpart. The acetylation considerably increased the solubility of starches, and a similar behavior was found for swelling power. When freeze-thaw stability was studied, acetyl banana starch drained approximately 60% of water in the first and second cycles, but in the third and fourth cycles the percentage of separated water was low. However, acetyl corn starch showed lower freeze-thaw stability than the untreated sample. The modification increased the viscosity of banana starch pastes.

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