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Blood. 2001 Apr 1;97(7):2023-30.

Different expression of CD41 on human lymphoid and myeloid progenitors from adults and neonates.

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Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) U 362, Institut Gustave Roussy, Cedex, France.


The glycoprotein (Gp) IIb/IIIa integrin, also called CD41, is the platelet receptor for fibrinogen and several other extracellular matrix molecules. Recent evidence suggests that its expression is much wider in the hematopoietic system than was previously thought. To investigate the precise expression of the CD41 antigen during megakaryocyte (MK) differentiation, CD34(+) cells from cord blood and mobilized blood cells from adults were grown for 6 days in the presence of stem cell factor and thrombopoietin. Two different pathways of differentiation were observed: one in the adult and one in the neonate cells. In the neonate samples, early MK differentiation proceeded from CD34(+)CD41(-) through a CD34(-)CD41(+)CD42(-) stage of differentiation to more mature cells. In contrast, in the adult samples, CD41 and CD42 were co-expressed on a CD34(+) cell. The rare CD34(+)CD41(+)CD42(-) cell subset in neonates was not committed to MK differentiation but contained cells with all myeloid and lymphoid potentialities along with long-term culture initiating cells (LTC-ICs) and nonobese diabetic/severe combined immune-deficient repopulating cells. In the adult samples, the CD34(+)CD41(+)CD42(-) subset was enriched in MK progenitors, but also contained erythroid progenitors, rare myeloid progenitors, and some LTC-ICs. All together, these results demonstrate that the CD41 antigen is expressed at a low level on primitive hematopoietic cells with a myeloid and lymphoid potential and that its expression is ontogenically regulated, leading to marked differences in the surface antigenic properties of differentiating megakaryocytic cells from neonates and adults. (Blood. 2001;97:2023-2030).

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