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J Leukoc Biol. 2001 Mar;69(3):474-81.

Differential expression of Toll-like receptor 2 in human cells.

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Institute of Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.


Human Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) is a receptor for a variety of microbial products and mediates activation signals in cells of the innate immune system. We have investigated expression and regulation of the TLR2 protein in human blood cells and tissues by using two anti-TLR2 mAbs. Only myelomonocytic cell lines expressed surface TLR2. In tonsils, lymph nodes, and appendices, activated B-cells in germinal centers expressed TLR2. In human blood, CD14+ monocytes expressed the highest level of TLR2 followed by CD15+ granulocytes, and CD19+ B-cells, CD3+ T-cells, and CD56+ NK cells did not express TLR2. The level of TLR2 on monocytes was after 20 h up-regulated by LPS, GM-CSF, IL-1, and IL-10 and down-regulated by IL-4, IFN-gamma, and TNF. On purified granulocytes, LPS, GM-CSF, and TNF down-regulated, and IL-10 modestly increased TLR2 expression after 2 h. These data suggest that TLR2 protein expression in innate immune cells is differentially regulated by inflammatory mediators.

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