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Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2001 Apr;11(2):96-102.

Creatine supplementation improves sprint performance in male sprinters.

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Department of Physiology, University of Bergen, Norway.


The object of this study was to evaluate the effect of creatine (Cr) supplementation in well trained male sprinters. The study was performed as a single blind test on 18 sprinters at a local competition level. During the last two years a substantial part of their training had consisted of a series of maximal sprints with short rest periods to improve their fatigue resistance. The participants consumed either 20 g Cr+20 g glucose per day (Cr group, n=9) or 40 g glucose per day (placebo group, n=9), divided into 4 equal dosages. The effect of Cr on sprint performance was evaluated in two tests, 1 x 100 m sprint and an intermittent 6x60 m sprint. Cr supplementation increased the 100 m sprint velocity (11.68+/-0.27 s vs 11.59+/-0.31 s) and reduced the total time of 6 intermittent 60 m sprints (45.63+/-1.11 s vs 45.12+/-1.1 s), whereas no changes were observed in the placebo group. The sprint velocity was significantly increased in 5 out of 6 intermittent 60 m sprints. Venous blood was drawn 5 min after finishing the final intermittent 60 m run. Plasma lactate, Cr and serum creatinine (Crn) were all increased in the Cr group compared to presupplementation values; no changes were observed in the placebo group. The improved sprint performance suggests an increased availability of energy substrate for performing work, possibly as a result of increased skeletal muscle creatine phosphate (PCr).

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