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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1975 Jan 20;378(2):230-40.

Muscle protein biosynthesis in the tumour-bearing rat. A defect in a post-initiation stage of translation.


1. The decreased ability of polysomes isolated from the gastrocnemius of rats bearing the Walker 256 carcinoma to incorporate L-[14C]leucine into protein persisted in the presence of 5-10-5 M aurin tricarboxylic acid and 1-10-2 M NaF. 2. Poly(U)-directed phenylalanine incorporation by such polysome preparations was less than that of similar preparations from normal rats. 3. The ability of gastrocnemius polysomes from tumour-bearing rats to react with puromycin was markedly decreased. Cycloheximide inhibited peptidyl puromycin formation by polysome preparations from both normal and tumour-bearing rats. 4. The ability of recombined 60 S and 40 S subunits prepared from polysomes of tumour-bearing rats to carry out poly(U)-directed polyphenylalanine synthesis was much reduced when assayed over a wide range of magnesium concentrations. Cross-over experiments with subunits from normal and tumour-bearing animals suggested that this was due to a defect in the smaller ribosomal subunit.

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