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Mamm Genome. 2001 Mar;12(3):232-7.

Comparative analysis of the genomic organization of Pax9 and its conserved physical association with Nkx2-9 in the human, mouse, and pufferfish genomes.

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GSF-Research Center for Health and Environment, Institute of Mammalian Genetics, Neuherberg, Germany.


As a first step towards the identification of cis-regulatory elements of Pax9 by means of comparative genomics, we have analyzed genome regions encompassing the Pax9 gene in three vertebrate species, humans, mice (Mus musculus), and the Japanese pufferfish (Fugu rubripes). We show the genomic organization of Pax9 and its physical association with Nkx2-9 conserved in the three species. We discuss about possible implications of the conserved synteny between Pax9 and Nkx2-9 in a context of vertebrate evolution. This report also includes the first description of the primary structures of Fugu Pax9 and Nkx2-9. Furthermore, we report the identification of a novel upstream exon and putative transcription start sites in mouse Pax9. Our results suggest that transcription of Pax9 may be initiated at two alternative start sites and driven by TATA-less promoters.

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