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Theriogenology. 2001 Jan 15;55(2):671-84.

Long-term preservation of chilled canine semen: effect of commercial and laboratory prepared extenders.

Author information

Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Veterinary College, University of Li├Ęge, Belgium.


The present study was conducted to evaluate chilled semen conservation over time in 3 commercial and 4 laboratory prepared extenders, including a new Tris-glucose extender. The beneficial effect of adding egg yolk to these media was also analyzed. The effects of these extenders on motility and acrosome reaction were characterized objectively using a computer-aided semen analyzer and the chlortetracycline staining, respectively. No significant differences were observed when comparing the different commercial extenders without egg yolk, but addition of egg yolk improved all motility parameters significantly (preservation of 50% of motility was observed at 3.2+/-1, 2.9+/-0.5, 2.3+/-0.5, 8.5+/-0.2, 5.4+/-1.1, 5.2+/-0.4 d, for Biladyl, green extender and fresh-phos extenders without and with egg yolk, respectively). Motility parameters were best preserved in egg yolk supplemented Biladyl extender with a mean percentage of 86.3+/-10.5 motile spermatozoa after 7 d at 4 degrees C. Efficacy of egg yolk-supplemented commercial extenders on sperm motility at 4 degrees C was (in decreasing order) as follows: Biladyl > green extender > fresh-phos. However, high quality motility and the percentage of motile spermatozoa were highest with some of the laboratory prepared extenders: a 50% conservation rate of motile spermatozoa was observed following the use of supplemented egg yolk extenders. These are classified in decreasing order as follows: Tris-glucose (13+/-1 d) > Tris-fructose (9.7+/-0.6) > EDTA (4.+/-0.6 d) > Tris-bes (3.6+/-1.1 d). A low concentration of motile spermatozoa was still observed in the Tris-glucose egg yolk extender 16 d after collection, clearly demonstrating the importance of the medium and the beneficial effect of egg yolk on sperm motility of 4 degrees C chilled semen. Similar effects of extender were observed for acrosome reactions. Egg yolk clearly had a protective effect reducing acrosome reactions significantly in all media tested as follows: the highest acrosome losses were observed in the fresh-phos and EDTA extenders without egg yolk; the lowest rate was observed with Tris-glucose supplemented egg yolk extender. In conclusion, at 4 degrees C, egg yolk extender best-protected sperm motility parameters. Differences in osmolarity between the extenders in terms of substrate related to sperm metabolic activity may explain the optimal results obtained using egg yolk-supplemented Tris-glucose extender, which preserved motility and acrosome integrity in chilled dog semen. These results indicated that good quality dog spermatozoa could be preserved for up to 10 d.

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