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J Immunol Methods. 2001 Mar 1;249(1-2):245-52.

Multiplex screening for functionally rearranged immunoglobulin variable regions reveals expression of hybridoma-specific aberrant V-genes.

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Immunotherapy Laboratory, Department of Immunology, Rm KC.02-085.2, University Medical Center Utrecht, Lundlaan 6, 3584 EA, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Modification of antibody effector functions is commonly performed by chimerization or humanization. Cloning of antibody variable regions from hybridomas represents a first step that is frequently hampered by the expression of non-functionally rearranged variable regions in hybridoma cells that originate from MOPC21-derived fusion partners. We now present a simple method to clone functionally rearranged V-genes, based on V-gene-specific multiplex PCR screening. Using this method we document the expression of aberrant V-genes that originate from the original B-cell used for the hybridoma generation, not from the fusion partner, and are - thus - hybridoma specific.

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