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Am J Med Genet. 2001 Jan 15;98(2):148-60.

Efficient detection of Alport syndrome COL4A5 mutations with multiplex genomic PCR-SSCP.

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Department of Physiology, the University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City 84108, USA.


We have performed effective mutation screening of COL4A5 with a new method of direct, multiplex genomic amplification that employs a single buffer condition and PCR profile. Application of the method to a consecutive series of 46 United States patients with diverse indications of Alport syndrome resulted in detection of mutations in 31 cases and of five previously unreported polymorphisms. With a correction for the presence of cases that are not likely to be due to changes at the COL4A5 locus, the mutation detection sensitivity is greater than 79%. The test examines 52 segments, including the COL4A6/COL4A5 intergenic promoter region, all 51 of the previously recognized exons and two newly detected exons between exons 41 and 42 that encode an alternatively spliced mRNA segment. New genomic sequence information was generated and used to design primer pairs that span substantial intron sequences on each side of all 53 exons. For SSCP screening, 16 multiplex PCR combinations (15 4-plex and 1 3-plex) were used to provide complete, partially redundant coverage of the gene. The selected combinations allow clear resolution of products from each segment using various SSCP gel formulations. One of the 29 different mutations detected initially seemed to be a missense change in exon 32 but was found to cause exon skipping. Another missense variant may mark a novel functional site located in the collagenous domain.

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