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J Biol Chem. 1976 Nov 25;251(22):6929-33.

Purification and characterization of L-asparaginase with anti-lymphoma activity from Vibrio succinogenes.


Homogeneols L-asparaginase with anti-lymphoma activity was prepared from Vibrio succinogenes, an anaerobic bacterium from the bovine rumen. An overall yield of pure L-asparaginase of 40 to 45% and a specific activity of 200 +/- 2 IU per mg of protein was obtained. The pure enzyme can be stored at -20 degrees for at least 3 months with no loss of activity. The isoelectric point of the L-asparaginase is 8.74. No carbohydrate, phosphorus, tryptophan, disulfide, or sulfhydryl groups were detected. The enzyme has a molecular weight of 146,000 and a subunit weight of approximately 37,000. The Km of the enzyme for L-asparagine is 4.78 X 10(-5) M and the pH optimum of the L-asparaginase reaction is 7.3. D-Asparagine was hydrolyzed at 6.5% of the rate found with the L isomer. L-Glutamine and a variety of other amides were not hydrolyzed at significant rates; the activity of the enzyme for L-glutamine was 130- to 600-fold less than that of other therapeutically effective L-asparaginases of bacterial origin. The L-asparaginase from V. succinogenes is immunologically distinct from the L-asparaginase (EC-2) of Escherichia coli.

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