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Genome. 2000 Dec;43(6):931-8.

Linkage mapping and nucleotide polymorphisms of the 6-SFT gene of cool-season grasses.

Author information

  • 1US Department of Agriculture, Utah State University, Logan 84322-6300, USA.


Fructan plays an important role as an alternate carbohydrate and may contribute to drought and cold-stress tolerances in various plant species. The gene coding for sucrose:fructan 6-fructosyltransferase (6-SFT; EC, an enzyme that catalyzes the formation and extension of beta-2,6-linked fructans (levans), is important to fructan synthesis in many cool-season grasses, including cereal species. In this study, we compared a conserved sequence from the 6-SFT gene in barley with comparable sequences in 20 other cool-season grasses. We detected several DNA length polymorphisms, including variations in one simple-sequence repeat (SSR) in a 6-SFT intron of the barley cultivars Steptoe and Morex. Using the 'Steptoe' x 'Morex' doubled-haploid mapping population, the 6-SFT gene was genetically mapped to the distal region in the short arm of barley chromosome 1 (7H), where it is closely linked with trait locus Rpg1. Primers designed from other conserved regions of the barley 6-SFT gene successfully amplified 351- or 354-bp sequences of this gene from diverse cool season grass species. Sequence identities of the PCR products were greater than 80% among the 21 species. Phylogeny, as determined using these DNA sequences, is similar to that obtained from rDNA ITS sequences, and congruent with our current knowledge of genome relationships.

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