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Parasitology. 1975 Feb;70(1):19-24.

Genetic studies on Plasmodium chabaudi: recombination between enzyme markers.


Two lines of Plasmodium chabaudi differing in three characters have been crossed, using a technique previously described for P. yoelii. One line, termed 47AS, was characterized by an electrophoretic form of 6-hosphogluconate dehydrogenase, denoted 6PGD-2, a form of lactate dehydrogenase, denoted LDH-3, and was pyrimethanime-resistant. The second line, termed 10AJ, possessed enzyme forms of 6PGD-3 and LDH-2 and was pyrimethamine-sensitive. The cross was made by permitting mosquitoes to feed on a mixture of the two lines and infecting rodents with the resulting sporozoites. The products of the cross were cloned by dilution and examined for enzyme-type and drug-response. Results showed that recombination had occurred between each of the three characters. Clones characterized by 6PGD-2/LDH-2 and 6PGD-3/LDH-3 demonstrated recombination between the enzyme markers. The drug-resistance character segregated independently of either enzyme marker.

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