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Gene. 2001 Jan 10;262(1-2):89-98.

Expression profiles and intergenic structure of head-to-head oriented Brca1 and Nbr1 genes.

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Department of Mammalian Molecular Genetics, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Videnska 1083, 142 20 4, Prague, Czech Republic.


Mouse and human Brca1/BRCA1 and Nbr1/NBR2 genes lie head-to-head, being transcribed from the opposite strands. The normal function of Brca1 is associated with DNA damage-related responses and the maintenance of genome integrity. Mutations of this gene are major risk factors for developing breast and ovarian cancers. The function of Nbr1 is unknown. Here we analyzed expression profiles of Brca1 and a newly identified, evolutionary conserved isoform of Nbr1(1a) transcript. In adult testis, the Nbr1(1a) mRNA showed an 18-fold higher steady-state level than the ubiquitous Nbr1(1b) form and its expression was confined mainly to spermatids. The expression profile of Brca1 paralleled that of Nbr1(1b). The Nbr1(1a) mRNA was not significantly expressed in normal somatic tissues, but was found on a list of cDNA clones from a human myeloblast cell line. The newly defined intergenic region (289 bp) between Nbr1 and Brca1 in the mouse and rat corresponds well to that of human BRCA1-NBR2 region.

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