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Genomics. 2001 Feb 1;71(3):339-50.

A cluster of three novel Ca2+ channel gamma subunit genes on chromosome 19q13.4: evolution and expression profile of the gamma subunit gene family.

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  • 1Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, Texas 77030, USA.


The CACNG1 gene on chromosome 17q24 encodes an integral membrane protein that was originally isolated as the regulatory gamma subunit of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels from skeletal muscle. The existence of an extended family of gamma subunits was subsequently demonstrated upon identification of CACNG2 (22q13), CACNG3 (16p12-p13), and CACNG4 and CACNG5 (17q24). In this study, we describe a cluster of three novel gamma subunit genes, CACNG6, CACNG7, and CACNG8, located in a tandem array on 19q13.4. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that this array is paralogous to the cluster containing CACNG1, CACNG5, and CACNG4, respectively, on chromosome 17q24. We developed sensitive RT-PCR assays and examined the expression profile of each member of the gamma subunit gene family, CACNG1-CACNG8. Analysis of 24 human tissues plus 3 dissected brain regions revealed that CACNG1 through CACNG8 are all coexpressed in fetal and adult brain and differentially transcribed among a wide variety of other tissues. The expression of distinct complements of gamma subunit isoforms in different cell types may be an important mechanism for regulating Ca2+ channel function.

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