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J Appl Microbiol. 2001 Feb;90(2):268-78.

Selection of a Bifidobacterium strain to complement resistant starch in a synbiotic yoghurt.

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Food Science Australia, Highett, Victoria, Australia.



To employ an in vitro screening regime to select a probiotic Bifidobacterium strain to complement resistant starch (Hi-maizetrade mark) in a synbiotic yoghurt.


Of 40 Bifidobacterium isolates examined, only B. lactis Laftitrade mark B94 possessed all of the required characteristics. This isolate hydrolysed Hi-maizetrade mark, survived well in conditions simulating passage through the gastrointestinal tract and possessed technological properties suitable for yoghurt manufacture. It grew well at temperatures up to 45 degrees C, and grew to a high cell yield in an industrial growth medium. In addition to resistant starch, the organism was able to utilize a range of prebiotics including inulin, and fructo-, galacto-, soybean- and xylo-oligosaccharides. Pulse field gel electrophoresis of restriction enzyme cut chromosomal DNA revealed that B. lactis Laftitrade mark B94 was very closely related to the B. lactis Type Strain (DSM 10140), and to the commercial strains B. lactis Bb-12 and B. lactis DS 920. However, B. lactis Laftitrade mark B94 was the only one of these isolates that could hydrolyse Hi-maizetrade mark. This phenotypic difference did not appear to be due to the presence of plasmid encoded amylase. Bifidobacterium lactis Laftitrade mark B94 survived without substantial loss of viability in synbiotic yoghurt containing Hi-maizetrade mark during storage at 4 degrees C for six weeks.


Bifidobacterium lactis Laftitrade mark B94 is a promising new yoghurt culture that warrants further investigation to assess its probiotic potential.


In vitro screening procedures can be used to integrate complementary probiotic and prebiotic ingredients for new synbiotic functional food products.

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