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Plant Sci. 2001 Jan 5;160(2):185-196.

Novel components of the plant cytoskeleton: a beginning to plant 'cytomics'

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Botany Department, North Carolina State University, 27695-7612, Raleigh, NC, USA


The bulk of our knowledge concerning the plant cytoskeleton has come primarily from the use of techniques and probes derived from animal research. However, in comparison with animal tissues, relatively few plant cytoskeleton proteins have been identified. We presume this is not because the plant cytoskeleton is really made up of such few proteins, but rather that only rarely have attempts been made to identify plant-specific cytoskeleton proteins, using plant-specific methods. Here we outline methods that we have developed both for the isolation and identification of novel cytoskeleton proteins as well as for the visualization of novel filamentous structures in plant cells, and we describe several novel cytoskeleton proteins and two novel cytoskeleton structures, 'nanofilaments' and 'nanotubules'. We postulate that use of such approaches will lead to a rapid expansion of our knowledge of the plant cytoskeleton.


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