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Cell. 2000 Dec 22;103(7):1155-68.

Functional genomics identifies monopolin: a kinetochore protein required for segregation of homologs during meiosis i.

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Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Dr. Bohr Gasse 7, Vienna, Austria A-1030.


The orderly reduction in chromosome number that occurs during meiosis depends on two aspects of chromosome behavior specific to the first meiotic division. These are the retention of cohesion between sister centromeres and their attachment to microtubules that extend to the same pole (monopolar attachment). By deleting genes that are upregulated during meiosis, we identified in Saccharomyces cerevisiae a kinetochore associated protein, Mam1 (Monopolin), which is essential for monopolar attachment. We also show that the meiosis-specific cohesin, Rec8, is essential for maintaining cohesion between sister centromeres but not for monopolar attachment. We conclude that monopolar attachment during meiosis I requires at least one meiosis-specific protein and is independent of the process that protects sister centromere cohesion.

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