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Hum Genet. 2000 Dec;107(6):597-611.

Genomic structure and fine mapping of the two human filamin gene paralogues FLNB and FLNC and comparative analysis of the filamin gene family.

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University of Greifswald, Institute of Human Genetics, Germany.


The genomic structure of the filamin gene paralogues FLNB and FLNC was determined and related to FLNA. FLNB consists of 45 exons and 44 introns and spans approximately 80 kb of genomic DNA. FLNC is divided into 48 exons and 47 introns and covers approximately 29.5 kb of genomic DNA. A previously unknown intron was found in FLNA. The comparison of all three filamin gene paralogues revealed a highly conserved exon-intron structure with significant differences in the exons 32 of all paralogues encoding the hinge I region, as well as the insertion of a novel exon 40A in FLNC only. Gene organization does not correlate with the domain structures of the respective proteins. To improve candidate gene cloning approaches, FLNB was precisely mapped at 3p14 in an interval of 0.81 cM between WI3771 and WI6691 and FLNC at 7q32 in an interval of 2.07 cM between D7S530 and D7S649.

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