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Hybridoma. 2000 Dec;19(6):427-34.

Virolysis and in vitro neutralization of HIV-1 by humanized monoclonal antibody hNM-01.

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Department of Microbiology, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.


Antibody humanization by transplanting the complimentarity determining region (CDR) to a human framework aims to reduce the response of the human immune system against a foreign molecule during passive immunization. We transferred the CDR from the murine monoclonal antibody (MAb) NM-01 to a human IgG frame. The humanized NM-01 (hNM-01) recognizes the same epitope on Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) envelope as its murine progenitor, but with greater efficiency, and shows enhanced neutralization of HIV-1. We have shown that this increase in reactivity may be attributed to residue 4 of the humanized kappa chain, where the presence of a methionine residue rather than the murine leucine appears to promote a more advantageous conformation of the antigen-binding site, perhaps via packing interactions with the V(kappa) CDR1. The capacity of humanized NM-01 to neutralize direct clinical isolates was also examined with the expectation that hNM-01 will prove suitable for development as a therapeutic agent. This reshaped antibody reacted with several clinical isolates of HIV-1 tested. Moreover, we proved the ability of this antibody of its activation of complement by flow cytometry and electron microscopy analysis. Although hNM-01 alone was capable of neutralizing HIV-1, the presence of complement enhanced neutralization. The enhancement of complement activation was also observed in hNM-01 than murine progenitor. This finding supports a potential role for antibody-dependent complement-mediated virolysis and more effective neutralization in HIV-1 therapy.

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